OGA Staff

Our office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Call us at 405-974-2390, or stop by to see us on the first floor of the University Center, Room 137.

Picture with all members of OGA team

"It is a pleasure for me to welcome you to the University of Central Oklahoma Office of Global Affairs website. A graduate of UCO recently told me that our university is like a small city where you come in out of the rain. Everything you need is right here:  a family atmosphere, friends, home style housing, the best medical services you will find at any university and a wide portfolio of undergraduate and graduate programs. The Office of Global Affairs is here to handle all your needs.  We'll help with your admission, your visa, even make arrangements to pick you up at the airport.  From the time you walk into the airport to the time you walk across the stage to graduate, we are here for you."


Dr. Dennis Dunham

Executive Director, Global Affairs
Picture of Dr. Dunham

What I do?

Oversee and manage the Office of Global Affairs team

Timothy Kok

Director, International Affairs

Picture of Timothy Kok

Email: jkok@uco.edu

Skype: tim2370

What I do?

International partnership and development, oversee admissions, prospective student services, new student orientation, scholarships and student immigration issues.

Aaron Wheelbarger

Assistant Director, International Admissions

Picture of Aaron Wheelbarger

Skype: aaron2352

What I do?

Review admission documents and correspond with future students to determine admissibility into UCO academic programs.

Assisting students from:

Africa, Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan south to Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Caribbean, Australia.

Brandon Lehman

Assistant Director, International Programs –  Recruitment and Sponsored Students
Picture of Brandon Lehman

Skype: brandon.lehman.uco.cgc

What I do?

Assist in overseeing admissions for prospective degree and non-degree seeking students, developing sponsored student programs and provide assistance with new students immigration inquiries. I am also the Responsible Officer (RO) for the UCO J-1 program. I assist both visiting faculty and students with their J-1 visa needs.

Jalal Daneshfar

Assistant Director, Immigration and Retention

Picture of Jalal Daneshfar

Email: dso@uco.edu

What I do?

Help students and visitors with F-1 related immigration issues, health insurance concerns and current student scholarship inquiries

Jennifer McCullough

Coordinator, Immigration and Retention
Picture of Olivia Killbride
Email: dso@uco.edu

What I do?

 Issue and help maintain immigration documents for F-1 students and J-1 students and scholars. I advise students how to maintain legal immigration status while here at the University of Central Oklahoma.  I am the advisor for the Latin American Student Association and advisor for the F-1 Graduation Banquet. I am always willing to help international students with any concerns they may have. Therefore, it is my hope that students always feel welcome to come to see me.

Brenda Clark

Coordinator, Admissions
Picture of Brenda Clark

What I do?

I process international applications for admissions to the University of Central Oklahoma while corresponding with international students prior to their arrival to UCO.

Assisting students from:

Brunei, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Laos, Macao, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Pacific Islands (The), Japan, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Bhutan, Sri Lanka.

Tiara Brown

CRM Marketing Specialist
Picture of Marco Rodriguez
Phone: (405) 974-2627

What I do?

I run our internal databases and provide all of our marketing and outbound communications to current and prospective students.

Jared Scism

Manager, International Programming
International House, CGC
Picture of Jared Scism
Phone: +1-405-974-2131

Email: jscism@uco.edu
Skype: mugisha88

What I do?

Oversee the International House and Coordinate intercultural activities and Glocal programs such Broncho Buddies, CRISP, MERGE, and Ignite as well as an advisor to the International Student Council and International Christian Student Organization

Robert Howard

Director, Project Management

Picture of Robert Howard

Email: rhoward2@uco.edu

Skype: robertjhowardokc

What I do?

Manage projects based on pre-determined criteria and scope. Monitor and control the progress and changes in sustainable strategic advantage across international admissions and outreach efforts.

Pat Casey

Executive Assistant to Dr. Dennis Dunham, Executive Director

Picture of Pat Casey

Email: pcasey@uco.edu

What I do?

Assisting the Executive Director in administrative duties which includes budget, bookkeeping, scheduling, travel and other related matters.

Bridgette D Miles

International Accounts Receivable/Billing Specialist

Picture of Bridgette Miles

Email: bmiles@uco.edu

What I do?

My job duties entail processing scholarships, billing, and all accounts receivables for sponsored students within the Office of Global Affairs. I develop and implement strategies to improve the financial aid process for our sponsored students.  My goal and primary focus is to make the international student integration process a positive overall experience.

Weldon Rice

Manager, UCO Korea Office

Picture of Weldon Rice

Email: wrice3@uco.edu

Skype: weldon.kyle.rice

What I do?

Help provide assistance to UCO students to have transformational experiences to study abroad in South Korea as well as international students from South Korea and neighboring countries to pursue their education career at UCO.