At the Airport

If you have submitted an Airport Pick-up Registration form online and have received the confirmation email, the Airport Pick-up Ambassador will meet you at the Traveler’s Help Desk in front of Baggage Claim 6. Please inform your Ambassador know of any flight delays or cancellation.

If you are arriving outside of free pickup hours, please collect your baggage and go to Ground Transportation Services outside the terminal. You will need to hire a shuttle service to arrive at your final destination. For more information on airport shuttle services, please go to

Check In to Housing

You will be taken to your final destination based on your housing reservation and check-in date. You may check-in upon arriving at UCO. If you have no confirmed housing, you will be taken to a hotel or another temporary option.

If you are living in off-campus housing, please contact the Apartment Manager or Landlord directly to schedule your check-in.

Contact the Housing Office at with any questions.

Report to the UCO Global Affairs Office

All new students are required to report to the Global affairs office upon arrival to campus. Please DO NOT visit or handle other issues until you have report to the UCO Global Affairs office. You will be given a detailed to-do-list with instructions for all that you will need to complete. Bring along all of your original documents, which includes your passport, I-20 or DS-2019, US mailing address information and other relevant admission documents.

Open a Bank Account

MidFirst Bank is an official banking provider on campus with a full service branch as well as various ATM machines. The bank requires your passport, I-20 and US mailing address and initial deposit to open your free checking and savings account. For more information, please go to MidFirst Bank website.

UCO does not required all students to bank with only MidFirst. You may choose to select other banking providers around the City of Edmond to fulfill your financial needs.