Book your Flight to Oklahoma

We recommend arranging your flight as early as possible to secure the best airfare costs and schedule. Please be sure to inform your travel agent that the final destination is Oklahoma City. The name of the airport is Will Rogers World Airport with airport code “OKC”.

UCO Office of Global Affairs offers free airport pickup service for all new international students. Once you have confirmed your flight arrangement, please complete the UCO Airport Pickup Registration.

The free airport pickup service schedule is as follows:

Fall 2020 semester: August 1-16 (guaranteed pick up service regardless of your arrival time)

If you are arriving outside of free pickup hours, please collect your baggage and go to Ground Transportation Services outside the terminal. You will need to hire a shuttle service to arrive at your final destination. For more information on airport shuttle services, please go to

if you are arriving for the summer semester, UCO does not offer any airport pickup service. 

Housing Reservation

To learn more, please refer to Housing and Dining.

Immunization & Vaccination Record

The Oklahoma State Law requires all new students who attend UCO for the first time to provide proof of immunization with Mumps, Measles, Rubella (MMR) and Hepatitis B vaccine. If you have taken the shots since birth, you may bring the immunization form provided with the link as below to a certified medical professional to certify the immunization dates for you. If you have not received any immunization record in the past, it is strongly recommended that you complete your immunization procedure prior to departure. In most cases, it is more affordable to obtain the vaccines in your home country as compared to obtaining the vaccine shots in the United States. Be aware you will NOT be able to enroll for your second semester at UCO until the immunization requirement is fulfilled.

Download your Immunization Form


All International students (F-1 or J-1) are required to purchase health insurance. To learn more about the policy, requirements etc., click here.

Enroll For Classes

You may begin to choose and enroll for your classes once you are fully admitted to UCO. Please follow the simple steps as below depending on the type of a student category you fall under:
UNDERGRADUATE F-1 degree seeking student
- Contact your International Academic Advisor at  
UNDERGRADUATE J-1 non-degree seeking student (Visiting or Exchange Student)
-Contact Mr. Weldon Rice, UCO Korea Office Manager at
GRADUATE Degree and Non-Degree Seeking Student
- Contact your International Admissions Advisor at
ATTENTION: When contacting your advisor, please provide your full name as listed on your UCO student portal along with your UCO identification number (*20xxxxxx). DO NOT forget to attach a copy of your passport photo page or a government-issued identification(in English) with a photo for verification purposes.

Tuition Deposit Payment

All new international F-1 students will need to have at least $9,000 dollars ready for the first semester. Students intending to study at UCO are required to pay this tuition deposit either before coming to Oklahoma or upon arrival. This deposit is for your educational expenses and cannot be used for off-campus housing and personal expenses. Students should also bring additional funds for living expenses for a minimum of one semester. The tuition deposit will remain with the university until it is exhausted from its intended use.

The tuition deposit may be paid using a money order, credit card payment (additional fees apply), wire transfer, or online through our international payment solution, Flywire.

When you are ready to make your tuition deposit, please visit the Flywire site. When making your deposit you will need to know your UCO student ID number.

If the student is unable to get a Visa, or has a change of plans and is unable to attend the University of Central Oklahoma, this money will be refunded back to the student, minus any bank processing fees. Please email your admissions advisor if you have any questions about the refund process.

Pack Your Bags

It is never easy to know what you should and shouldn't bring when you travel to UCO for the first time. It is recommended that you contact International Student Council leaders to seek their advice since they have been through what you are going through now. Make sure you check with your airline for baggage allowance and guidelines. Please be reminded to carry all your important documents and cash at all times and do not put them in your check-in baggage.

First Day of Class

University of Central Oklahoma offers three different entry terms which include Fall (August), Spring (January) and Summer (June). We encourage all new students to arrive prior to the orientation date or no later than the first day of class. First day of class can be hectic and as a result, we encourage students to arrive few days earlier to get accustomed to the new environment before class begin. The first day of class schedule is:

  • Fall 2020 semester – August 17, 2020