International Scholarships

The University of Central Oklahoma is committed to providing affordable tuition to our students and their families from all over the world. UCO recognizes and rewards student achievements by offering scholarships and awards on the basis of academic merit, talent in the fine arts or athletics. Other awards are based upon financial need. Students may qualify for both types of awards.

On-campus employment is also available to assist international students with their cost of living. International students may apply for on-campus jobs and work up to 20 hours per week after they arrive. On-campus employment is not guaranteed. 

Future Students

  • Full list of Scholarships available to Undergraduate Freshman students, please click here. 
  • Full list of Scholarships available to Undergraduate Transfer students, please click here.
  • Full list of Scholarships available to Graduate students, please click here.

Please note that applying for most of these scholarships does not require any action from a student. Scholarship decision is made by an Admission's Advisor based on your academic and English proficiency scores. The exceptions are President's Leadership Council, Leaders of Tomorrow Council and Legacy Non-Resident Waiver Scholarships.

Sports Club Scholarships

The below scholarships apply to both International Undergraduate and Graduate Students, that wish to be actively involved in sports activities. To apply for any of these scholarships complete an application form.

Current Students

  • Leadership Scholarship - $400 (one-time award)
  • Each Spring semester, several applicants will be awarded pending funding by the administration. The elected ISC President will be awarded $1000.00 each Spring and Fall semester.
  • International Pageant Scholarship - Scholarship amounts are granted each Spring for the top three winners of a male and female category.
  • Non-Resident Tuition Waiver Scholarship - up to $1,000 (one-time award). The scholarship is awarded to a student based on their GPA and leadership involvement while studying at UCO. 
  • For a list of other scholarship opportunities, please refer to UCO Scholarships and UCO Scholarship Application Utility
  • For additional financial aid for graduate students please refer to the Jackson College of Graduate Students.

*In most cases, scholarships are stackable but may not exceed the cost of tuition.