Future Students

What if I cannot take TOEFL or IELTS test due to COVID-19?

In order to satisfy the English Proficiency Requirement, UCO temporarily is accepting Duolingo English Test for Undergraduate and Graduate students as well as PTE Academic for Undergraduate students only.

Will UCO have in-person classes for the Fall 2020 semester?

University of Central Oklahoma will hold in-person classes, virtual live-stream and fully online courses for the Fall 2020 semester, beginning Monday, August 17. As a new international student to UCO, you will be required to enroll in at least one in-person course to fulfill the immigration regulation for Fall 2020 term.

Can I arrive later than August 17th?

Although the report date on your I-20 is August 14, you have our permission to report to UCO up to, but no later than, Friday, August 23, 2020. If you are scheduled to arrive after classes begin, we strongly recommend that you to begin working with your Office of Global Affairs’ advisor to pre-enroll for your classes immediately.

If you are arriving to the United States, and have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our office during office hours. If you have any emergency after hours, please contact UCO Police at 405.974.2345, where you will be connected to an OGA Advisor on standby to assist.

How will airport pickup work?

Airport pickup will begin on August 1st. Each student should fill out the airport pickup request form. Airport pickup is free. No matter if you travel together with others, each student will travel to the housing quarantine dorm or their off-campus residence (Only for those living off campus) in their own individual car. Students will be required to wear a mask upon arrival and during the car ride to your destination.

To sign up for airport pick up, click here.

When can I check into the dorm?

Due to the two-week quarantine requirement, the UCO housing office is allowing students to move in beginning the first week of August. There will be no additional charge for this.

International students will be gathered in a same dorm or students can check in their room?

During the quarantine period, students will be in a designated quarantine room and not the room they reserved. After the two weeks is complete, they will then be able to move to the building and room they reserved.

What will happen for meals?

The housing office will provide meal delivery to your room. During the days before classes begin, there will be an additional charge for this. The housing office will notify you of this.

What do I do about blankets and pillows?

The rooms for quarantine will be fully furnished and you will not need to buy any for that. After your quarantine period, you will be able to go and buy your own. There will also be an opportunity to buy some online and have it delivered to your dorm. Our International Student Council will email you about this option to let you know more information.

What do I do if I have to miss some of my classes due to the quarantine period?

Students should contact each professor individually to work out how they can participate in classes during the quarantine period. Many UCO classes will offer an extended classroom option and you should be able to participate through that while you are out and then join the class later. If that option is not available, the professor will let you know of alternative options for you.

How can students check into the Office of Global Affairs if they have to do the two-week Quarantine?

Students can check in by meeting with an OGA advisor virtually by using the link below. Students are able to check in anytime, either before arriving in the US or after. However, I would recommend only doing it after you have received your visa. Also note that your I-94, confirmation of your address, and one signed document will be required after arrival in the US. You will be able to download or take a photo, scan all of the needed documents, and send them via email. There will be no need to visit the Office of Global Affairs and we ask you refrain from doing so until your quarantine period has ended.

To request an appointment, click here.