Maintaining F-1 Status

US Immigration requires each student to follow the guidelines listed on page 2 of the I-20 to maintain status and keep an ACTIVE SEVIS record.

The highlights are:

  • Full time enrollment - 12 credits of traditional classes when seeking a Bachelors degree and 9 credits if you are seeking a Master degree.
    • On-line enrollment is limited to 3 credits per minimum enrollment.
    • Please seek approval from your DSO for any deviation of enrollment rule.
  • Daily Attendance for each registered class
  • Making progress by passing each class and making sure to enroll in the right classes for your major
  • Notify change of address within 10 days
  • Seeking authorization for any oversees travel
  • Seeking authorization for any Off-campus employment
  • Seeking a new I-20 when changing degree program name and/or level
  • Seeking an extension of your I-20 prior to expiration if more time is needed to complete the degree program.
  • Seeking an extension of your passport at least six months before it expires.
  • Seeking approval for transfer to another school