Admission Documents

Throughout the admissions and immigration process, the University of Central Oklahoma's Office of Global Affairs will ask for various documents from you. Below you will find a list of these documents along with a short description:

Bank Statement

Attach an official or certified bank statement with the minimum amounts dated within 6 months of the program start date. Amounts vary by visa type, please see below for more information:

  • F-1 Degree Seeking Students
      • Student - $23,200; Spouse - add $8,000; Children - add $4,000 each
  • J-1 Visiting Students
    • Exchange Students
      • One Semester: Student - $5,000; Spouse - add $6000; Children $4000 each
      • Two Semesters: Student - $10,000; Spouse - add $6000; Children $4000 each
    • For Visiting or Study USA student:
      • One Semester: Student - $11,600; Spouse - add $6000; Children $4000 each
      • Two Semesters: Student - $23,200; Spouse - add $6000; Children $4000 each

Certificate of Financial Resources

Please complete and upload the Certificate of Financial Resources form. This form must be completed by both the applicant and his/her sponsor and submit with the required supporting documents verifying the sponsor's financial ability to cover at least the educational costs of 2 semesters - see costs listed with bank statement information.

Official Academic Credentials

Beginning freshman with no transfer credits: Submit proof of completion of a level equivalent to 12 years of education in the U.S. by uploading an original copy of your academic records with an official stamp or seal on the document(s) from your school or by uploading an attested copy verified by an authorized agency.

Students with previous college credits: Submit all the official transcripts with an official stamp or seal on the documents from your current and previous colleges or universities or by uploading an attested copy verified by an authorized agency. If you are seeking to take upper level courses at UCO that requires pre-requisites courses, you are required the syllabus/course descriptions to show proof of the pre-requisite courses you have completed.

If your transcript is issued by your institution in a language other than English, we require the official, original language document as well as an official, or certified, English translation.

Failure to submit all the transcripts for all the college coursework can be used as a ground for your termination for the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO).

While digital copies of transcripts will be used to make an admission decision, official transcripts must be received by UCO upon arrival to the US.

Proof of English Proficiency

Submit one of the following to satisfy the requirement:

  1. TOEFL - 61 IBT (Internet-based test) or 500 PBT (paper-based test) ; or
  2. IELTS - 5.5 overall band; or
  3. Proof of 12 weeks of intensive English study at an approved ESL program in the U.S. after achieving minimum TOEFL score of 460 (PBT) or 48 (IBT) or minimum IELTS overall band of 5.0.

Note: Please refer to UCO International Services for list of approved ESL programs in the US or to find out about a an ESL program on UCO's campus.

UCO Institutional Code for TOEFL is 6091

Passport Photo Page

Please make a copy of the page on your passport that contains your passport.If dependents will accompany you to UCO, provide copies of their passport biographic pages, along with marriage and birth certificates, as applicable, to verify your family relationship.

Copy of Visa

Please upload a copy of your visa stamp attached to your passport.

I-94 Card

Please submit a copy of your I-94 arrival card.

SEVIS Transfer-In Form

The SEVIS Transfer-In Form allows for your I-20 to be released by your current institution and transferred to UCO. Your new I-20 will not be created until your other school has completed this form.


A copy of your previous SEVIS I-20(s) that you have received.

UCO Insurance Form

The Department of State and the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO) require that all J-1 International students, J-1 visiting Scholars and J-2 dependents maintain medical health insurance coverage during the program duration of the exchange visitor. Please download the form and once the form is completed, upload it to your application.

Letter of Good Standing

Please visit with your current institution International Student Services office to obtain a letter of Good standing to show your current academic and immigration status as well as the permission to enroll at UCO.