Conditional Admission

What is a Conditional Admission?

A Conditional Admission is designed for international students whose first language is not English and those whose TOEFL/IELTS scores do not meet UCO's minimum requirements for admission. Students who fit this criteria must meet all other academic requirements except for the Proof of Language Proficiency. Those who are granted Conditional Admission are given an opportunity to enroll at a Regents-approved English as a Second Language (ESL) school in Oklahoma. ESL programs are 12-weeks in length and must be completed to remain in the United States and to enroll at UCO.  

How do I qualify for Conditional Admission?

Students cannot apply to be conditionally admitted; they must qualify. Undergraduate and Graduate students who have a strong academic background but lack scores high enough to fulfill our TOEFL or IELTS requirements will automatically be considered for Conditional Admission. Those who have been conditionally admitted will then need to apply to an approved ESL program in Oklahoma to obtain the SEVIS I-20 and acceptance letter for the visa application process. 

The Language Company

The Language Company (TLC) in Edmond is the official and independent English as Second Language (ESL) Program provider for UCO. TLC and UCO have a cooperative agreement to facilitate a smooth transition from the ESL program to enrollment at UCO. Students who attend the ESL program at TLC have access to all the facilities available at UCO including UCO’s housing, meal plans and campus facilities. To find out more about TLC, click here.

UCO Institutional TOEFL

The UCO Institutional TOEFL Testing program, also known as the ITP TOEFL, provides convenient and affordable English proficiency tests that can be used for admission into both UCO Undergraduate and Graduate programs. ITP TOEFL at UCO consists of previously administered TOEFL paper-based tests. It evaluates non-native English speakers’ skills in three areas as below:

  • Listening Comprehension – This section measures the student’s ability to understand English through a mixture of short and long conversations and short lectures
  • Structure and Written Expression – This section measures the student’s ability to recognize standard written English
  • Reading – This section measures the student’s ability to read and understand short passages at the university level 

The ITP TOEFL test at UCO is administered by Testing Services. Those interested in taking this test must register here. Please register early as the seats for each test are very limited.