International Readmit

What is International Undergraduate Readmissions?

Undergraduate Readmission is an application process required if you falls under one of the criteria’s as below:

  • It has been more than one semester and a summer term since your last attendance at UCO, or
  • You have a completed a degree after your last enrollment at UCO.
  • You have been suspended after your last enrollment at UCO.

If you would like to apply for undergraduate readmission, APPLY NOW!

To be readmitted to UCO, you will need to supply the following:

*SEVIS Transfer-In Form and I-94 Card are only needed if currently attending another college or university

*If you are seeking for admissions into the undergraduate degree offered by the UCO School of Music, you will be required to submit the International Audition Submission Form

All required documents will be uploaded with your electronic application. Any missing documents will delay the processing of your application.

Suspended Students

Students applying for readmission that have been suspended once for academic reasons from UCO or another institution of higher education in Oklahoma may apply for readmission beyond the semester in which he or she was suspended. Such readmission is not automatic but is decided on an individual basis.